Thursday, 16 August 2012

OPI Holland Collection - Swatches and Review

I've been somewhat slack recently on posting for one reason and one reason only...the Olympics were in London! I've been glued to my TV firmly clutching my Team GB flag throughout and I’ve also been lucky enough to go to a few events, with appropriately themed nails which I will be doing a post on soon but I've been a bit of a slow coach catching up on my other posts.

Anyway making a tenuous segue to a post on archive polishes today featuring OPI's Holland collection for Spring/Summer 2012. The Holland collection is one of their traditional collections themed around destinations. If you were supporting the Netherlands in the Olympics you were royally spoilt for choice with this collection. They seemed to go with pretty classic (and possibly a smidge stereotypical?) Dutch imagery – it feels very wind and water inspired with nods to windmills, tulips, cheese, canals and errr...Amsterdam nightlife in shade and name selection.

OPI Holland - Edited highlights (taken with Instagram)

Overall I really liked the shade selection in this collection but I only picked up four shades ( I Have a Herring Problem, Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI, I Don't give a Rotterdam and Wooden Shoe like to know) which are swatched below the break. I've also added a little bit about what I look for when picking out which shades to get as I'm interested to see how you guys make your choices.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden

If you've read my post on my Chanel collection (see it here) you'll know that when news of a Chanel Beauty Pop-Up Store opening in London was released I was unbelievably excited. It opened on 24 July (just in time for the Olympics!) and I made a trip last week to check it out. *Warning Picture Heavy Post coming up!*

Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden
Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden

Temorary hiatus in posting due to exciting things happening in London (rhymes with schmolympics) but I made a little trip yesterday and will be doing a full post very soon.......

Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden
Chanel Pop-Up Store at Covent Garden - Taken with instagram
 As I said on Twitter, I feel like the mothership has finally called me home, lots of pics to follow so stay tuned!