Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th July! - USA Themed Nail Art

Just a quick post to say Happy 4th July all you Americans out there! No time for nail art today as I'm packing boxes but here are some nails I did last year with OPI Cajun Shrimp and an Essie Mesmerize and crystal thumb accent.

4th July Nail Art
Have a lovely time celebrating and I'll be back to update soon.

Chanel Challenge! - Progress so far

Chanel Black Pearl Chanel Peridot Chanel Graphite Chanel Paradoxal Chanel Magnétique
Chanel Black Pearl, Peridot, Graphite, Paradoxal and Magnétique
As I mentioned in my previous post on my Chanel Le Vernis collection here I've set myself a challenge of swatching my entire collection. I've made a bit of a start so I've updated the list with links below to the different swatches. Where they are from newer collections and I have some information about the shades I'll do an individual post but I may have to do some colour grouping bottle spam posts to try and get these done. Any favourites here you'd like to see sooner rather than later? If so let me know in the comments!

*UPDATE* - Haven't posted for a looonngg time as I've been busy having a teeny baby girl who is gorgeous and wonderful but somewhat time consuming. I'm still buying Chanel polish (including scoring Holographic, woo hoo) and I'll keep ticking over with posts as and when I have time. If you have any special requests from the list just leave me a comment and I'll make it a priority!

Accessoire *New*
April - Swatched here
Azuré *New*
Bel-Argus *New*
Black Pearl
Black Velvet - Swatched here
Blue Satin
Coco Blue *New*
Coromandel *New*
Delight - Swatched here
Distraction - Swatched here
Diwali - Swatched here
Frenzy *New*
Frisson - Swatched here
Holiday - Swatched here
Holographic *New*
Illusion D’Or - Swatched here
Jade Rose
Malice *New*
Miami Peach
Mistral - Swatched here
Nouvelle Vague - Swatched here
Pearl Drop
Riviera - Swatched here
Rouge Noir
Sky Line - Swatched here
Taboo *New*
Tentation - Swatched here
Tulipe Noire
Vertigo *NEW*