Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chanel Ēclats du Soir - Holiday 2013 Collection

Chanel have released details of their Holiday 2013 Collection and it's good news for those of you who like their festive season suitably golden and dramatic. The Ēclats du Soir collection focuses on evening makeup and is based on the idea of Chanel's classic Rouge Noir reimagined with stunning golden highlights. I've always loved Rouge Noir in nail polish and lipstick form so the idea of a Holiday collection based around that iconic colour was always going to appeal. There are lots of beautiful products in this collection including a new Eyeshadow Quad in Harmonie du Soir - £43.00, Illusion D’Ombre in Apparence - £23.00 and three new lipglosses in Allégorie, Mystery and Intrigue for £21.00.

Two products in particular from this collection have particularly caught my eye.....

Chanel Le Vernis in Malice - Image provided by Chanel

Chanel Le Vernis in Malice is the only polish in the collection and is described both as a "red with a black sheen" or a "burning black hue with a flamboyant heart of red glitter". Which ever description you prefer it's a beautiful twist on the classic Rouge Noir polish and looks like one of those lovely deep metallics that are perfect for Christmas. I do already have OPI Germanicure which is a similar style of polish and I'm hoping this will lean more towards the black than the brown tone of Germanicure so I don't double up. Malice will be on sale for £18:00.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Impatiente - Image provided by Chanel
I don't normally feature lipsticks but this was too good to ignore. Again I already have the Rouge Noir lipstick which is pure gothic deep, dark red so I'm hoping this is a slightly more velvety twist on that one. L'Impatiente is meant to be coordinated with Malice and I think it's a good pairing. The deep metallic nail with a matt lip should look much more chic than a straight match of colour and finish and hopefully be more wearable. L'Impatiente will go on sale for £25:00.
The whole collection goes on sale on 9 November nationwide. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

OPI Euro Centrale Collection

Exciting news from OPI! OPI updated their Facebook page on Thursday with some details of their traditionally destination themed Spring collection. The Spring 2013 collection is Euro Centrale which is inspired by four European Countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

OPI Euro Centrale Collection
Picture from OPI's Facebook page
Colours from top to bottom, left to right are: Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!(coral pink), OY-Another Polish Joke!(gold shimmer), Vant to Bite My Neck? (dark grapey purple), A Woman's Prague-ative (copper shimmer), I Saw...You Saw...We Saw...Warsaw (deep teal), My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours!(hot spicy red), Can't Find My Czechbook (bright turquoise), Polka.com (blue & violet glitter), Hands Off My Kielbasa (bronzey rose-toned tan), OPI...Eurso Euro (bright Yves Kleinesq blue), My Vampire is Buff (light buff nude), You're Such A BudaPest (periwinkle lilac).