Contact and Disclosure

Nail polish obsessive, most particularly Chanel. I have no affiliation with any brand and all of the polishes I review here are bought with my own money. If a polish is received for review from a brand I will disclose this. I write about the products I've bought for my own use because I like them, it's my personal opinion so feel free to disagree. The vast majority of the images you'll see here are mine so if you use one of them please credit me correctly. I watermark my images due to past problems with images being used without my permission. If I use another image here I credit the source and I do not claim to be the owner of those images. 

If you see something featured that belongs to you and you want it credited or removed send me an email at theboxesunderthebed[at]gmail[dot]com and I will take the necessary action as soon as possible. 

Feel free to use the email above for any questions you have and I'll try and help where I can. I'm also on Twitter @tbutb if you prefer!