Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection, Swatches and Review

A post from my archive and another few polishes ticked off for my Chanel challenge today. Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel was released outside of the main seasonal collections and included four new polishes - Tentation, Distraction, Frisson and Attraction. When I visited the Chanel Pop-Up shop at Covent Garden (see my post here) I picked up three of the four polishes, swatches and review after the jump.

Chanel Le Vernis Tentation, Distraction and Frisson
Chanel Le Vernis Tentation, Distraction and Frisson

The collection was apparently inspired by the beauty of roses and I think the colour palette definitely reflects the gorgeous soft shades of garden roses. The best thing about these polishes however is their hefty whack of that age old favourite, the Chanel secret shimmer. This definitely needed a full sunlight photo so you can enjoy them in all of their glory.....

Chanel Le Vernis (L to R) Tentation, Distraction and Frisson

See what I mean? Stunning aren't they? The amount the shimmer shows varies depending on the polish and some of it sadly disappears when not in full sunlight but they are definitely spring/summer shades so you probably won't be sporting these in the depths of winter. Onwards to the individual swatches....

Chanel Tentation Le Vernis swatch
Chanel Tentation

Tentation is a deep magenta pink with a big whack of hot pink shimmer. This one is a real pain to photograph, I had a similar problem with the Katy Perry for OPI polish "The One that got away". This was the best shot I could get that showed the shimmer off to it's full potential but the base colour is a couple of shades deeper and richer than it looks here. This was three coats although I could have stopped at two. The coverage is good and application is very smooth. Of the three polishes here this one keeps its shimmer the best even in low light. It's a lovely polish but the colour isn't quite me so it won't be one I'll get out all the time  but it does have a place in my stash as I don't have anything like it. It doesn't feel totally unique so there may well be dupes out there I just don't have.

Chanel Le Vernis Distraction Nail polish swatch
Chanel Distraction

Chanel Distraction is a bright dusty coral with a warm pink shimmer. This is probably my favourite of the three, it's such a summery cheerful colour. The shimmer largely disappears when not in full sun, you can still see tiny hints here and there but it still adds a brightness that stops it from being a standard coral polish. Coverage and application on this one are also good, this was two coats and covered perfectly.

Chanel Frisson

Frisson is a pale pink with lots of gold micro glitter and shimmer. It's my least favourite of the three because it's just so sheer, this was three coats and you can definitely still see my nail line. Application was OK but a bit stickier and grittier than the others due, I assume, to the different texture of the glitter? It doesn't really suit my skin tone so maybe if you were more olive toned than pink it might work? I don't have any true dupes in my collection but the gold shimmer and glitter reminds me of Chanel Mistral (see my review here)but the sheerness of the base means Mistral is the hands down winner. I'll try some layering with it but if Chanel bring out something similar I don't think I'll be indulging.

The fourth polish, Attraction, was a limited edition pearly white polish that featured on the models for Chanel's Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk show complimenting the beautiful pearl details that were used in the models hair. I already have Pearl Drop in my stash and I couldn't justify picking up Attraction as well. They are by no means dupes as Attraction is silver toned where as Pearl Drop is gold but I don't bring out those kinds of polishes on a regular enough basis to make it worthwhile.

These are all still available at all Chanel beauty counters (retailing for £18)so if you're looking for a new Chanel I'd recommend Distraction. Paint it on your toes and dream of summer sun and lazy days in the garden.

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